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Alexandria's funds offer a profitable and simple way to save and invest. Our range of funds has an investment target for all our customers' needs. You can save monthly for investment funds or invest larger lump sums.

Alexandria's range of mutual funds offers funds at all risk levels. The range of funds includes options for investment only on the interest or stock markets and options for investing in a combination of these. Investments in the funds are efficiently diversified both geographically and by asset class, which reduces risk in comparison to direct stock investments.

Alexandria's funds offer five options at various risk levels

Alexandria's range of funds consists of five funds which provide alternatives for every investor. The award-winning SEB Wealth Management is responsible for the funds' portfolio management and investment decisions.

The funds' returns are easy to monitor online.

A fund is a hassle-free investment target

Fund saving is an easy and convenient way to make use of the yield opportunities presented by stock and interest markets. Funds are also suitable for smaller investments; at Alexandria 100 euros a month is sufficient if you invest regularly with a fund saving agreement. 

Funds are a very flexible method of investing, the investments are easy to convert into money since they aren't bound to a set period. You can also use the funds to help you decentralise your investments. In a challenging market situation especially, it's good to know that your investments are diversified amongst a range of securities and geographical locations.

Fund investment efficiently diversifies portfolios

One of the advantages of fund investment is efficient and extensive diversification. Efficient diversification can fundamentally reduce the risk level of an investment portfolio. In purchasing fund shares, the investor automatically purchases a diversified investment portfolio in line with the fund's investment policy.

Through investment funds, the investor is also able to invest in targets and market areas which would be difficult to invest in as a private individual. Investment in foreign stocks and securities is easy with funds.

Taxation on fund investors is simple

Fund investment is also hassle-free when it comes to taxation. Taxation on fund investment is only current when the fund returns assets to the investor.

Sales profit accumulated from fund investment, or yields paid from yield shares are investment income. The fund company reports its customers' information as an annual report to the Tax Administration, meaning that fund investors do not usually need to do any more than check the amount of investment income in their pre-completed tax return form

Award-winning wealth management at your service

The Alexandria Group's investment philosophy is based on SEB Wealth Management's acclaimed Multimanager concept. The Multimanager portfolio management is based on strong competence with diversification and the careful selection of partners from amongst the world's best portfolio managers. Based on open architecture, the portfolio management model makes use of SEB's own areas of expertise and other international asset management actors' specialist skills.

SEB is one of northern Europe's most significant asset managers and the company has been presented with awards in several customer surveys for both private and institutional asset management. In 2011 and 2012, SEB was named Finland's best asset manager in both the private and institutional asset management sectors. In Finland, SEB manages approximately EUR 10 billion of investment assets.

All Alexandria funds are registered in Finland and are monitored by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

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