Investment insurance

Investment insurance is a tax-efficient form of investment for one-time investments. In investment insurance, capital can be flexibly invested in funds, stocks and structured investment products. When investing through insurance, the investor also benefits from the transfer in capital income tax; the yields on investment are taxed only once the withdrawals from the insurance exceed the original investment sum.

Investment insurance combines tax efficiency and life insurance cover

Investments made in investment insurance are allocated to the investment targets you choose, wherein it's possible for the funds to be efficiently decentralised at the desired yield/risk level. It is easy to change funds and investment targets and this causes no tax impact on the investor.

Additional investments in investment insurance can be made at any time and, correspondingly if necessary even partial withdrawals can be made from the insurance at any time. The benefit of investment insurance is the transferral of tax on capital income; the tax on investment insurance is paid only upon withdrawal of accumulated yield.

Investment insurance also includes life insurance. Should the insured party die, the next-of-kin marked as beneficiaries can each receive 35,000 euros without being subject to inheritance tax, and an insured spouse could even receive more. As such, investment insurance also acts as a good partial solution when planning one's inheritance.

Alexandria's customers are able to make use of the SEB Life insurance company's investment insurances, among others.