Savings insurance

Savings insurance is a great way to save regularly if you are aiming to save for a period of at least five years. Savings insurance is the right choice if you want to accumulate savings with your or your family's future in mind. Savings insurance can also be flexible if necessary, for example if your aims change along the way.

Savings insurance is a tool for monthly savers

Many of our customers save a certain sum per month in insurance and for most customers the savings horizon is 15-20 years. Regular saving in the long-term provides the opportunity to turn even a small sum into significant savings. Investments in savings insurance are targeted at the customer's selected funds, which means efficient decentralisation and the desired yield/risk levels for the capital. Savings insurance also offers flexibility; it's easy to change funds at no cost or tax impact.

Savings insurance is a tax-efficient form of saving; the yield on accumulated savings is taxed only once the withdrawals exceed the sum of the amount originally invested.

Insurance products always also include life insurance and when the insured party dies, the next-of-kin beneficiaries can each receive the saved sum, not subject to inheritance tax, up to 35,000 euros.

Generali Vision insurance helps you to achieve your goals

Regarding insurance savings, Alexandria's customers can make use of Vision insurance from Generali PanEurope, one of Europe's largest insurance companies. Generali Vision investment insurance offers a versatile tool for building your own financial future. Regular saving helps you to reach your goals for your own or your family's future.

Generali Vision investment insurance offers a range of over 180 international funds. Included in that range are the Alexandria funds which are popular amongst our customers. The funds are managed by award-winning SEB Wealth Management. Vision insurance rewards long-term savers with a comprehensive bonus programme.